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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Future Plans:

 I've been thinking for some time about how to get the most "reach" for my biblical teachings. When I had ONLY the blog, I reached quite a few folks, and I liked that, so I added in YouTube, which eventually became my sole effort. YouTube never has never really brought much of an audience, so I've decided to move to a writing/podcast format. Part of this, of course, is to gain a greater presence in the online community, but the main reason is to communicate the Gospel to more people. After all, how many people are there who don't understand what it means to be a Christian, and how that impacts your life. There are many, and lots of them read this blog in the past. However, the newest, latest and best thing seems to be podcasts.   :Here are my plans: 

1. Re-establish this blog as a writing blog, not as a channel for YouTube. I may later choose to MOVE the blog to its own platform, and offer teachings there. I will link to it for all of you who read this. 

2. Add in a podcast (I'm still exploring this), which will deal with both Bible teaching and (GASP) politics from a Christian perspective, because the Bible deals with politics quite a bit, mostly in the prophets. Differences abound, but principles are the same. There are lots of pitfalls in this, and I don't know how political it will be, except to say that politics is something that we deal with every day--we buy groceries. We go to the gas station. We experience the decisions of our representatives every day. Since I get no money from any political organization, and since I'm a maverick, expect to be surprised.  I have no dog in any fight, and I have a few axes to grind, but not many.  This life is important now, and the decisions we make today will impact our future destiny. Some of those will involve this life, such as "should we consider an unborn child as a person, and refuse to support any politician who supports "abortion on demand?" There are lots of strident voices regarding this, but if you want the Bible's perspective, start with Psalm 139. I will address things such as these, because your decision about these impacts your spiritual life. 

I will study passages of Scripture with you, and I will help you understand the teachings of the Bible. I am currently searching for equipment (microphone, recording device if I don't use my computer, etc.), and I plan to begin the podcast in April or May. I will offer systematic teachings as well as "occasional teaching," which means "thoughts on topics I know about"--or think I know. I will do my best to rely on facts and experience, rather than just opinion, but opinion can be based on observation, and typically makes up a great deal of our knowledge. 

As far as this blog: I haven't decided whether to keep this in its present format and location, or if I should move to a website and host that will not censor any of my views. Google has become famous for its censorship, whether through YouTube or elsewhere, and so far I have not hit any landmines, but I probably will in the future. 

I would appreciate comments from those who read this blog, and I pledge to tell you the truth, to the best of my ability.


Steve Bradley, 


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