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Saturday, November 11, 2017

"When I Awake, I am still with Thee..."

The quote is from Psalm 139:18. It is first, one of the great theological statements of the Bible:
God is always present;
and second, one of the greatest personal statements anyone can make: God is always there, and I am always with Him.

This is one of the most amazing truths in Scripture: God is right here, and I am with Him. This is such a commonplace truth for most of us Christians that we don't process it adequately. We know He's present, and we are present with Him. So what? But think for a moment about the rest of the world. God is present, because He's ubiquitous ($1.00 word, meaning He's everywhere at once), but they are not with Him. He is not present to them. This is horrible. It's Adam and Eve cast out of the garden, separated from God. It's a world without hope of anything but the present life. "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." And then what? It's a world of sickness, pain, violence, with no hope of something better in the future.
But you...YOU, when you awake, if you're a child of God, you're always with Him. He never goes away, never leaves you, you don't have to search for Him, He's THERE!
This means many things, not least that your present is never lonely, even if you are alone, separated from friends and family; Jesus said it: "Yet am I not alone, for the Father is with Me." And so He is, with you. Right beside. Close. Within. The Infinite, the One whose greatness is unsearchable, He is WITH YOU and you are with Him..
It also means that you cannot die. Bear with me a moment while I explain. You cannot die because you are connected to God, and HE IS ETERNAL. Your connection with Him is eternal as well. Yes, your body wears out and dies, but you are more than a body. Your body is like your house, and just as houses grow old and wear out, so will your body. But as for you, the real you, you will live forever. Jesus said, "He who lives and believes in Me shall never die." Sick? No hope for the future in this life? (I'm not making light of human tragedy, just pointing out that you are more than your body) are more than the life you have right now. You are eternal.  It's amazing how the Bible points this out sometimes:
God says, "I am the First, and with the last." What do you suppose that means? Well, one thing it certainly means is that YOU will be there, if you're a child of God; you will be with the Father when time is no more, when the stars have all winked out, when the earth and heavens have departed, YOU will be there. With Him.
"He who believes in Me shall never die."
"I am the First, and with the last." On the one hand, you are mortal, subject to death and all its processes. On the other hand, you are eternal, and you literally cannot die. This, as everyone knows, is completely beyond our realm of knowledge, in the sense that we can prove it, but we have His Word, His witness in ourselves, His Presence, convincing us.
When I awake, I am still with Thee--whether you awake here or in heaven, that's true. Still with Him.

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