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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Dragon...Revelation 12:

As we move through this chapter, we'll see similar connections multiplied many times over, all pointing back to the Old Testament, and in most cases to a time millennia ago.

For now, a simple application: There are three hugely important things said about the Dragon in Rev. 12:
  1. He is AT WAR with humanity. Especially with all the "remnant of her seed"--that would be all who are the sons and daughters of God through Jesus Christ.
  2. He WILL come to earth, and that 3-1/2 year period will be like no other the world has ever seen.
  3. He IS DEFEATED. The Dragon's fury is the rage of a defeated foe, not the spoils-taking of a victor.
So who is he? Well...he's identified by the text as...
The Great Dragon...(12:9)
The Serpent of Old (ancient Serpent, See Genesis 3)...(12:9)
The devil...(12:9)
The Deceiver...(12:9)
The Accuser...(12:10)

In other words, the implacable, always evil adversary of God and humanity, the hater of all that is connected to God and good.

THIS is the personage who is cast out. No longer can he stand in God's presence, accusing you and me to God (see Job 1-2); no longer can he enter into God's presence after having been on the earth; no longer can he fight with the angels. He is finished. 
However, he does have a short time left on earth, and he uses it to his great advantage; in Revelation 13-19, he enables the rise of the Antichrist, stands behind the False Prophet and gives him his power, causes all the world to worship both him and the Antichrist, with the exception of those who choose Jesus Christ, and fills the world with even more evil than exists today. I remember back when the genocide was going on in Rwanda, and the comment was made, "It's as if all the demons in Hell have been let loose;" That was bad, but there it will actually be true. Satan and all his servants will be unleashed on the earth for "a short time." Satan's destruction is certain, but he definitely goes out with a "BANG!" He hopes to include YOU in that explosion.

I sincerely hope, that if you are alive at that time (and some of us may be), that you choose the living and true God, not the Antichrist and the Dragon.  They don't care what ultimately happens to you--they just want followers, so they can destroy them with their evil; God does care about you, and what happens to you. He wants you to come to Him. Only if you have rejected God and His Son will you believe in the Dragon and the Antichrist--and if you reject Jesus Christ, you WILL believe in the Dragon, because Scripture says, "God will send them strong delusion..." so that you will definitely be deceived if you reject Christ. Don't reject God. Choose Him. Choose Jesus Christ. Do it now!

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