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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some Opening Thoughts on 2016.

Readers of the blog have certainly noticed that I've begun to post YouTube videos.  I'm doing this because YouTube is a somewhat different audience than readers of blogs.  For those who are Christians, I hope that you'll pray that this effort succeeds.  My plan is to post both videos and blog posts.  Since I've retired from my other endeavors, I have more time to devote to these things, and I aim at becoming an "internet pastor."
As to the videos, the purpose is to minister to those who haven't a church, who don't want to be subjected to endless appeals for money or other resources, and who want something more than a 30-second reading assignment to start their day.  It's a very new venue for me, and although I'm an experienced public speaker, talking to a camera is quite different. So the first videos are pretty "wooden," and although the material is fairly well organized, I've received comments from friends and relatives like, "You should smile," and "That was boring." ("Boring" is about the worst accusation one can make of a speaker or a message--UGH!). Others have said things like, "That was just what I needed," and the like, so I think there's hope.  I'm posting the videos, like the blog posts, both on my Facebook page and here, as well as on YouTube.
Will I get better? I certainly hope so, and I also hope for many subscribers to the channel (which is currently under my email address, and here on Blogger and Google+). The purpose, of course, is outreach.  I'm convinced that there are many people hungry for God, who want to know He's real and that they themselves can experience Him and His love and grace, but who don't know where to turn. If you pray, please do pray that people will find the videos and this blog, and thus find the Lord Himself, the Provider of everlasting life, and grow in Him. He's near everyone of us, you know, closer than our own breath, and when we reach out to Him, we always find Him.
If you find the materials valuable, please recommend the blog and videos to people you know.
I pledge, on my part, not to post "fringe" stuff that will make you scream something like, "I was trying to minister to this guy (girl), and this idiot goes off on an insane rant! I hate him!!"
Seriously, the purpose of the blog and the videos is to bless all men and women who seek God, and especially those who've not found Him yet.
I hope this year finds you in good health in both soul and body, and that you become what you want to be for Him.
Blessings to all, and May God fill your heart with His presence today and always.

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