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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What makes you special?

Lots of us identify with specific types of people:  we want to be handsome, powerful, rich, famous, whatever.  And that is fine. It's good, because ambition is always good, as long as it's not used to crush someone else.
Paul, however, in explaining the philosophy of the Christian man and woman says, "it's not the powerful, wealthy, noble that God calls and chooses, but the folks who don't have anything special to recommend them."
I think he means that the powerful, wealthy, noble, etc. don't get any special "perks" for their power, etc.  He certainly doesn't mean that successful people can't be Christians, because he says elsewhere that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes. He means you don't get a special dispensation because of your money, your power, your beauty, or whatever.  Paul's idea is that God has leveled the playing field, and doesn't want any of us acting like we are more important than anyone else in His sight, as if we are "better."
This concept comes from the fact that God is infinitely great, so that all merely human differences mean nothing to Him--He's no respecter of persons, as it's put in another place. He doesn't care about your money.  Or your power. Or your importance.  He cares about you, without any of those things. And if you have none of them, He cares equally. God's plan puts everyone is on the same level--all are sinners, are equally bad off, are lost, are "savable," are able to take advantage of the opportunity for eternal life, are offered the same life on the same terms as the poor, the rich, the famous, the criminal, the addict, the good person...God intends for us all to come to Him in the same way, on the same path.
As Paul says, "Whoever glories, let him glory in the LORD..."
Blessings to all my readers!

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