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Friday, September 19, 2014

Angels and Demons...

And I'm not kidding.  In the West, we live under the popular delusion that the spiritual world does not exist.
We ask questions like, "is there life after death?" and make statements like, "There's no evidence that man is anything but a thinking machine..."
This thinking is the product of rationalism, which says, "if I can't see it,touch it, feel it, smell it, measure it, it doesn't exist.  We really ought to have known better, and the discovery of quantum mechanics ought to have at least led us to re-examine our thinking, but bad ideas die hard. The Bible is built on the concept that there is a spiritual world, and that it actually controls the physical world in real time.  Whether you look at the Psalms, which assign even the feeding of lions to God, or the New Testament, in which Satan declares that he has control over the kingdoms of the world (at present, remember...), there is always a "hidden hand."
This is also true of idolatry and idol worship of all kinds.
Paul says, "The things the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons..." in other words, there is a spiritual force standing behind the idol that is very real, and very powerful.  God stands above these forces, but they do have influence, especially in areas where they are worshipped. Every missionary knows this.  Every person raised in a society that worships idols knows this.  It's only hidden from those of us in the West, who discount the effects of the spiritual world, and believe they don't exist because they are invisible. The power of evil is real, and the protection from the demonic, from idols, from spiritual evil, comes from a connection with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Christians can say, "I am transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear Son."  Make no mistake.  There are two kingdoms.  They are mutually exclusive. You are in one or the other, even if you don't feel it, see it or know it. These two kingdoms influence everything that occurs here, and you will eventually discover the truth of this. I hope you do so sooner rather than later, because your life, your sanity, your future depend on it.  Search for "evidences" of Christianity if you want, but the reality is that being Christian connects you with the living God, and separates you from the realm of Satan and evil in ways that nothing else can.  Yes, Christians can mistakenly worship idols.  They can put themselves under Satan's power in a limited way; but they have been transferred into the Kingdom of God by virtue of their faith, and nothing can change that.
Be Christian.  Live life forever.

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