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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Both Large and Small...

God made you.  You are important to Him--He is the Creator of all, and none live or die without His knowledge.
David writes of this when he says, "What is man, that you are mindful of made him a little lower than the crowned him with glory and honor." Here are the two realities about you.  In a sense, you are a speck. You are a "nothing" in this vast universe populated by galaxies, solar systems, black holes, clouds of stars and planets. Yet when God made you, He stooped down and built you individually. You were planned, and so were the days God gave you to live (Psalm 139); your location was chosen (Acts 17), and your life was "built" ahead of time by God, who is the great designer.  Your life was prepared for good works (Ephesians 2), and God actually set those works aside for you to do.  You are so important to Him that He planned for you, down to the smallest detail.  This is amazing--that the time of your arrival on earth was planned; that the place of your arrival on earth was planned; that your life was directed from eternity past.  Yes, you have the power of choice, of "free will," but you also have the right and privilege of fitting into His plans for you, so that you are completely fulfilled by Him. This is a wonderful gift--that God actually superintends your life, if you let him, and that He loves you so much that He's always right there ministering to you to show you the path to take.  Even when you don't know much about what's happening, or the future, or where life is taking you, God knows, and He loves to help.  You can lean on Him during life's dark days, and enjoy His blessings when life is good.  He's right there, and He's right there for you.

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