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Thursday, April 19, 2012

So you want to tell people about Me...

First, THANK YOU! Many of my children today keep Me hidden, and don't discuss who I am at all. Or if they talk about Me, they distort Me to fit their own mold. Either I am some sort of moneygrubber (as if I needed your money!), or I am some sort of cosmic Grandpa, or I am some crazy unreasonable Person who doesn't like certain classes of people (black, white, brown, live in a different town, if you know what I mean), or I am like some rich black girl, or some poor white guy, or stupid, cruel, or not "with it," or whatever.  I'm none of those things. I'm the Father.  People who mischaracterize Me are really trying make ME into THEM. That never works.  Like I told Moses, "I AM who I AM"--and not someone else.

So if you want to tell other people about Me, use words. That's how people talk to each other.  You should make the words you use accurate, and for this you need to know something about what My servants taught in early days, in the Bible, but not much. A whole world of information about Me is contained in the verse called John 3:16--"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life." If you can put more meaning into a sentence than that, show Me, and you can be my new Chief Prophet. Words like the ones above are plenty to show someone enough about Me to spark their faith, and cause them to seek Me and find Me (Whoever seeks finds!). Besides, I come WITH My words, show people who I am. I can always tell, by the way, who wants to know Me, so don't worry about saying exact the right thing. Just be nice to people, and then tell about Me. It's good to know someone a little bit first, but that's not always needed. You can tell anyone, and if I tell you to tell them, be sure to do it, because deep down that person wants to know Me, and even if they resist at first, I'm speaking to them while you are.  Don't be surprised if  they seem to reject what you say. They are listening inside. Tell them what I tell you to say, and then pray for them.

You won't always know what happens when you talk to people about Me. I may even hide it from you, so you won't get a big head. Just do it, and don't be afraid of them; most times, they will be polite, even if they are mad at you for bringing Me up. It's not even too mean to have a little fun with folks who reject Me, if you know how. They usually think they are smarter than I am, so if you know how to have fun with these folks, teasing them, so to speak, about their unbelief, it's good for them, good for the people who listen to them, and once in a while one of them really looks at himself, and starts to think about what you actually said, and then believes. That's always worth it.

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