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Monday, April 23, 2012

Better than a phone call!

Sometimes, when you make a telephone call, it just rings and rings, or you get the response, "____ is not here; leave a message;"  or you call, and you get one of those "Press 1 for a company directory" messages, or it's busy. It's refreshing when you call to hear a real person on the other end, who says, "Hi!" or some other friendly greeting.
When you call Me, I answer personally.  Always. I hear every word you say, and I wait for the words you say to Me. You don't have to use special language.  You can use any words at all, and I understand your meaning. They don't have to be "framed" a certain way, and they don't have to be flowery.  Simple words are good. I prefer it when you talk to Me like you talk to another person (with respect, of course--don't forget who I am), because I AM a Person.  I am the "Beginning Person," the first one, from whom all other Persons come.  So talk to Me.
I like it when you talk to Me throughout the day.  It is special to have you talk like I'm right there--because I am. You never have to hide what's in your heart, because I already know what you are going to say, and you don't have to worry that I won't understand, because I know what you need before you ask. You don't have to "pray for hours" as a sort of special proof to me that you are serious. I know when you are serious. I DO like it when you commune with Me, and meditate on Me and who I am, but you don't need to spend long times in prayer.  I prefer it, even, if you treat me like a Friend who's always by your side (I AM!), and talk to me throughout the day, just as you would talk to someone who walks with you all the time (I DO!). I am there for the fun times--birthday parties, times of love, times when you are so happy you could burst, fun sports events, and all your fun times.
I'm there when you are quiet, and need to just relax. I won't bother you, by the way. I'm there for you, but I know when you need silence.
I'm there when you are hurt and angry, sick, afraid, trouble, and all the bad times.
Since I'm always right by you, you can always reach me instantly, and I answer personally. Always.

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