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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When you're in trouble, YELL!

Or at least call out to me, because I'm always listening. Sometimes, of course, I answer in emergency fashion, and do one of my miracles; but I usually "work things out" over time.  You ask, I answer, and I answer right away, but I make things happen so that they look "natural," and I work over days, weeks, months, years.
Suppose you're in a huge mess. It's like you're in a quicksand pit, and you're sinking in your troubles.  The problems of your life are literally overwhelming you, and you try to solve them yourself. You keep sinking. You think, "I'm going to die here; I'm going to drown in this mud!"  As a last resort, you ask Me to help. You don't stop. You yell, you cry, you beg.  It seems as if I'm doing nothing, but that's not the case.  The truth is that I'm lifting you out of the pit, and it takes time and the "stuff" sticks to you--and it's painful being pulled out, and washed off, and straightened around.  It's also a bit humiliating. After all, aren't YOU in control of your life? Don't you "make your own luck?" aren't you "better than other people?"
You are human, with human problems--and I've seen them all. Time and chance happen to everyone, and everyone has troubles and problems.
Here's a simple formula:
1. When you're in trouble, call out to Me.
2. Keep calling. Don't stop. It's not that I don't listen, but it takes time to "fix things."
3. Expect some pain and adjustment as I work. If I tell you to do something, DO IT.
4. When you look back, you'll see My power at work, and you'll be pleased with what I've done.
5. I'll not only "fix things," I'll re-stabilize your life, and make your life worth singing about.
It takes time, but it's worth it. You won't be sorry.
Ask. Keep asking. Don't stop. I'm working for you.
If you want to look in My book about this, My servant David wrote about it in Psalm 40, verses 1-3.

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