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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When it's all gone...

In my Bible, My servant Luke tells you about a woman who "had spent all her money...and was no better, but only grew worse..."
That happens to a lot of you. You work, you lay money aside, you accumulate, and then one day something happens that takes all of it, and you have nothing left but your problems and your struggles.
Do you remember what I did for her?
I sent My dear Son to her, and she touched his garment, and immediately everything changed for her.
I mean you to learn some things from this:
My beloved Son is your best Resource.  There is nobody like Him when you are in trouble.
There was a crowd around Him, but somehow she touched Him--He always is "reachable," no matter what the circumstance--and especially now, since He's with Me in heaven, and everyone can reach Him, wherever they are.
When you "touch Him," and believe in Him (she said to herself, "If only I can touch the edge of His garment, I'll be OK."), everything changes. He always invites your touch, and always gives His blessing in return.
My Son is great in an emergency, which this was.  There was no time to wait, so everything happened at once.
He doesn't mind it when you reach out to Him.  He wants you to do it.
He also has no issues with problems you can't tell anyone else about. He's ready for your touch.
Reach out to Him today, and get the blessings I give through Him.

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