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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I know you live with stress, children--sometimes it comes from sickness, uncertainty, betrayal, the ordinary pressures of life--and sometimes it seems like there's nothing to do for it, because you can't escape it. When you wake up, it's there; when you go to bed, and stay awake at night worrying and thinking, it's there. When you go to work, it's there, and even when you are enjoying yourself, stress is sometimes right there, reminding you that things are not as they should be, that you have problems facing you in the future, that your life is out of control.
You know that I did not promise you a stress-free/worry-free life, and you may go through terrible times, because people do.
Here is how I can help during those times:
1. I'll be with you.  It doesn't matter what the situation is, I am with you, and you can lean on Me, and I'll help  you through it.
2. You can talk to me. About all of it, including the secrets that you can tell nobody else.
3. You can hand your problems and burdens to me. I don't promise that you'll not have them any longer (My servant David found that out, and even my own Dear Son mentioned that His life was full of trials), but I will carry them with you, and give you strength to bear them.
4. You can know that these trials will end, and you don't need to fear the outcome.  All outcomes end with Me.  I am the beginning, and the end. I am the first, and with the last (I say "with," because you'll be there too). You'll be with Me if you trust in me, and you'll never have another tear, another sorrow, another death to mourn, another hungry or thirsty or homeless day.

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