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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A sound of a gentle whisper...

Many years ago, My servant Elijah wanted to hear what I had to say to him.  He had to go to a special place, and wait.  I taught him that My voice was not in the storm, the thunder, or the lightning, but that he had to stop and listen for Me--not just stop for a minute, but actually STOP, clear his mind, and listen for My quiet words. Later, My servants Paul and Barnabas and others in My church were praying and fasting, and I spoke to them while they were listening. Listening to me takes time and effort. I made it that way so that you would know how important it is to listen for Me, as well as to me. That's when I talk to you personally--when you listen with all your heart. And it's not enough to listen only when you like what I say. But when you listen to what I say, whatever it is, that's when I can tell you everything I want to say to you.

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