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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes, you curse yourself...

My servant James wrote that you bless Me with your mouth, but then you curse people, who are made in My image.
That is very true, and yes, you should learn to see the good in people, rather than filling your mind with criticisms about them.
The same is true of you.  Some of you, My children, are so "down on yourselves" that you think you are worth nothing, can do nothing, will never have anything.
But the fact is, you are made in MY image. You have MY likeness.  Even though you certainly are not perfect, you are stamped with ME.
This means:
1. You can do things.
2. You can think things.
3. You are not locked in some sort of eternal "box," with no choices.
4. When you choose ME, you are free to be the "real you."  It's a strange reality that by answering the call of My likeness within you, and turning your life over to Me, I set the "real you" free.
5. How do you do that? Unlock the amazing potential inside?

  • Ask Me.  Accept My love for you, and open yourself to it.
  • Open yourself to what I can do for you through My Dear Son, Jesus. He is also listening for your prayer. Ask Him.
  • Stop looking at yourself as "people see you" (that's something I said long ago to My servant Samuel).  Start looking at yourself as I see you, as made in My image, as built with infinite potential, as a person with a future, whose road leads to eternal life with Me.
  • With just yourself, you may succeed. With Me, you cannot fail.
  • Learn the "next steps" to becoming all that I meant you to be.  Read My Book, and see what I did with fruitpickers (Amos), hostages (Daniel), shepherds (David), young people (Jeremiah), old gypsies (Abraham), kidnappers (Judah), murderers (Moses), farmers (Gideon), fishermen (Peter, James, John), adulterers (the woman at the well), liars (Jacob), and so on, for many more. Each one of these people sought Me, and let Me unlock at least part of My image within him or her. All of you can do the same. 
  • Ask Me to unleash what you have that I have given you, and then be all that I have made you. I know you. I love you. You can do this.

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