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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I made you, and...

When I had finished making everything but you in My universe, there was still something missing, and that was you.  I planned to make you a "living sculpture" of Me, so I took some elements (Moses called it "dust")  from the earth I had made, and I made you. I made you to be like Me, with My heart and a mind like Mine, with a strong and healthy body.

I made Eve (the first girl) the same way, but from different materials--I made her from you, so that she would fit you perfectly.   I made you handsome, and when I made Eve, your girl, I made her beautiful, so that you would feel instantly attracted to her, because I wanted you to know about love, and because I always delight in making you happy.  I planned to make the two of you the happiest of all the many living things I had made.

I wanted to make you like Me, so that when you were with Me forever we could enjoy each other completely.  I made you to reproduce in your image, so that each new person would be like Me, too, and that we would have many like us in the Universe I had made.

You were my best.

On a terrible day that started like any other, you chose another path--one that would lead many of you away from Me, bring sickness, death, tragedy and evil into the world--and change all of you, My children.  To repair what you had done,  I had to make a huge sacrifice--a sacrifice of Myself, to make you like Me again, and to make the Universe I had created fit for the rest of My creatures.

I am in the middle of My plan. Many of you are still sick and evil, and run away from Me, but you don't have to. You are still Mine, and you can still be all that I meant you to be, and when you choose to follow Me, I can "rebuild" you so that you are all, and  have all that you had when I first made you--and more.

IF you want to be complete again, like Me, like I meant you to be...just ask.  I will start from right where you are, and begin with what you are. Just ask.  You don't have to use "magic words." I'll know what you want, if you mean it with all your heart.

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