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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I listen

Good morning, sons and daughters!
Did you know I'm always listening?  Always.  There is never a moment when my attention is turned from you, when I cannot hear you, when I'll ignore you.  When I gave my words to my servants long ago, I told them this, and they wrote down how I listen. Here's what some of them said:
"Call on Me, and I'll answer you."
"Then they call on the LORD, (that's Me) and He saves them [from disaster]."
"There's not a word in my mouth (said David) that You don't know."
In other words, I am always listening.  I never get tired of you, and I want you to talk to Me.
You often talk to me like you need to use some special words, or some special form, and that's OK, I listen then, too--but you don't need any special words.  I listen when you say, "Help!" or, "Thank You!" or just, "That's beautiful!" What I'm saying is that I can tell when you're talking to me, and you don't have to use special words. I'm here, and I know you.  Language doesn't matter. I understand them all. Formality doesn't matter.  I don't need it.  I hear the little boy or girl who can hardly talk yet just as well as I hear the educated man or woman who forms perfect sentences--and I hear you, every time.
I always listen. I don't always do what you ask (when you're asking, which is mostly what you do), but I always listen. You children often refer what I do for you as "miracles," or "deeds of power," but for me, they are as simple as saying that it's to happen that way, because I can make anything happen at any time, in any way I please.  I don't, though.  I normally follow my own rules (gravity, for example), and only sometimes change rules like that.
Sometimes you forget that I like to hear you "just talk" and tell me things, or that I like to be thanked (who wouldn't?) when I do nice things for you, like show you a wonderful sunset or sunrise, or help you with a test, or find someone for you--or even help you find a parking space--or your bike, when it's lost. I also love it when you recognize me in words and singing (that's called "worship" by most of you), and tell about the things I do, the way I am, the friendship I show.
I love you, dear children. And I love to hear from you.

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