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Friday, February 22, 2019

Major Announcement:

To everyone who reads this blog, or watches the videos I produce, effective immediately, I will no longer put my YouTube videos on this blog. I will instead write individual blog posts. I will, however, continue to make videos, which you can find announced elsewhere and posted on YouTube.

The reason is as follows: I understand that in many parts of the world, YouTube is blocked. That means whenever I post a blog presentation on YouTube, there are many people who are locked out. I did not fully understand this until today, so as of today, I'm splitting my ministry into two: written material and videos.  I will notify folks about both types of media--written and video,  on my facebook page (I'm registered there as stevencbradley), on Twitter (registered there as stevencbradley as well), and a couple other social media accounts. The purpose is to give everyone a chance to read what I speak and write.

For those who do watch the YouTube videos, I urge you to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will know whenever they come out. I also post them on other social media, as I've indicated.
For those who cannot watch, but have the freedom to read my posts, I do not post political material on this blog, nor do I write anything that I believe is disloyal or problematic if you live in a country that has issues with political posts.

As you know, if you've followed this blog for any length of time, the purpose of the material I write and produce is to lift up Jesus Christ, His love, His grace, and your opportunity to live with Him forever and follow Him now. If the blog and video together will bless more of you, then I consider this a great decision.

Comments are welcome. In fact, comments are appreciated, since I'm taking this step without full knowledge of your circumstances.

God bless you all, and may He fill your life with His presence and love.

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