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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some personal thoughts.

I don't often refer to myself, or discuss my situation, but I would like to ask you all (all my readers) for prayer. Yesterday evening, I was walking through the littlr town of Estes Park, and I happened upon a shop where the person at the counter had her Bible open away from the register. It was an old Amplified Bible, re-covered, she said, multiple times. She said a friend had loaned it to her, and she was reading it in preference to the others she had. Anyway, she and I chatted a few moments, and I went away, happy to meet another believer who loved God and His word. Last night, I had a dream. I don't often have prophetic dreams, but this was , I think, God speaking to me through my dream. I saw myself in that dream, having the same conversation that I just described, but then I gave her a card inscribed with this blog's address, my YouTube channel, and the link for my Kindle books.
Then it was like I realized, "I should be doing this."
The dream, of course, was correct. I should be ministering every chance I get, and because I've now written and posted quite a bit, there is lots of material to work with.
So I have a request. Actually, a couple of them.

1. Pray for me, and this ministry. I'm quite serious about it, and the hiatuses in posting videos or writings have to do with my sense of what God wants me to say, rather than any laziness. I find that I have to think about what I'm going to say or write before it "crystallizes," and when there are days between posts, it's usually because my thinking on a paticular topic isn't complete.

2. When you see that I've posted a video, or writing, pray for that specific post, and for the one to follow. I believe that every ministry is a team effort, and that those who pray are at least as important as those who write and speak. I want to minister to the people who see my posts as well as I can, and that requires a three way teamwork. You, me, and the Holy Spirit as the real Worker in everything. Without Him, we can do nothing (which, of course, means "not ONE thing."

3. My goal is to have one million YouTube subscribers, and to have a ministry that reaches wherever you are. One of the problems with this is that YouTube apparently doesn't "see" when you watch a video onthe blog. So I appeal to you to watch my videos on YouTube, to comment, like and subscribe. This should help. A lot.

Above all, pray for me. I do this so that you, and everyone who has a computer, a phone, or a tablet, may come to know the living and true God, and to follow Him. It's a journey that begins here, and ends in heaven, with all of us living forever. It's my heart's desire that we go on this journey together---that you, and everyone you know, obtains life eternal in following Jesus Christ.

--Your friend, Steve Bradley.

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