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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When the Son of Man (Jesus) comes, will He find faith on the earth?

To the disciples, this was a stunning question. They lived in a society where religion was paramount--the guide for everything, and they perceived Jesus to be the Fulfiller of the ancient prophecies, not the inventor of a new religion.  In other words, they saw Him as the One who continued the faith they had.
Consequently, this question was probably pretty weird to them, but it was prophetic, because faith in Jesus Christ has always been attacked, from the birth of the church onward.
Atheists. Idol-worshippers. Spiritists. Cults. Islam. Every other religion in the world typically takes it on itself to attack Christianity. As if that were not enough, Christianity comes under attack by those who should be its greatest friends: ministers, adherents, professors at Christian universities and seminaries.
Part of the reason for these attacks, of course, is just human nature. Competition. Anger at folks who take a stand for something in which they don't believe, etc.
Part of it is much darker--the "spiritual forces of darkness" that attempt to overwhelm the light of God's truth and fail.
All in all, Jesus' question proves to be right to the point. He was exactly right. Faith in Him is under attack.
However, what all these folks don't understand, whether atheist, Muslim, "scientist," or other detractor, all of us who ARE Christians don't believe because we have some notion that it's the right thing to do; we believe because we must. Because NOT believing in Jesus Christ would be denying reality. We know Him. We love Him.
Just because YOU can't understand us or our faith doesn't mean it's not true. What it means is that if you deny Christ, and reject Him, you are not willing to do the will of God:
John 7:17: "If anyone will DO His will, He will know about the teaching, whether it is from God, or whether I speak from my own initiative."
So this is really a challenge. Decide to do His will, and you will know. I've met many people who made that decision, just like that, and to them the Lord Jesus Christ is as real as their own right hand. When people fight your faith, remember.  They don't know the reality you do. They often don't WANT the reality you have, even though you and I may know that it is the best thing in the entire universe.
We know. We are Christians.

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