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Thursday, January 21, 2016

About the videos...

I'm posting videos I've made for YouTube here as well.  The topics are not exactly the same, but each video covers a specific aspect of spiritual life.
I think you will enjoy them.

I will continue to both write and do the videos, since I believe that audiences for writing and videos are somewhat different.

I've designed the videos to be 3-10 minutes in length, depending on the topic that I'm covering, so you can watch them quickly, over a cup of coffee.  I'd suggest you watch, since each one has information in it that may spark some additional thought.  Most of the material I've read or watched over the years has had value to me in two ways:

  • I've learned from the material itself.
  • The material causes me to think and react. If I agree, it still stimulates my thinking; if I disagree, it makes me think why my ideas are different than those of the writer/presenter.

Both are valid reasons for reading or watching--either to fire up the neurons to apply what I've learned, or to say, "I don't think he/she is right! Here's why!"  Sometimes that latter situation creates a mental storm so that I can't think of anything else until I've resolved why I think the other writer is incorrect.  And sometimes I conclude that they are right, and that I was wrong (terrible to have to admit that!).

In any event, God bless all of you who read my blog.  Now you can watch the videos as well.  They will be posted here along with the musings in my blog.

--Steve Bradley

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