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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What would you do?

Suppose that you and your family moved 700 miles from home, settled there, and made a new home. Then your father dies, and you are left with your wife and your nephew, who is married and has no children.
What do you do? Stay where you are? Move back home? Go somewhere else?  What would make you move?
These were precisely the questions Abram faced in Genesis 12.  "What to do?"
Sometimes the answer is not the "easiest thing;" it's a decision that comes from deep within your soul, based on the purposes of God for your life.
Abram's Dad has died.  He's facing the future without the rest of his family, whom they left in Ur, about 700 miles to the North, and he's living now in Haran (modern day Turkey).  There are no computers, no Skype, no telephones, and no regular postal service.  Abram is about 75, still a young man (for those days), and he is seeking...seeking a homeland, a place to be, a place that "fits him;" discontent is often the soul of direction from God, and moving is sometimes the way to accomplish what you really are supposed to do in life.
This is Abram's situation, and in the midst of his dilemma and discontent, God speaks to him (heavily paraphrased):
"Go. Leave here, and let Me show you where to live. When you go at My direction, I'll bless you, make you into a great nation, and make your name great.  I'll also make you a blessing to all the nations of the earth."
This is really pretty vague, although it's astounding in its scope,  but it was enough for Abram.  He left,  took Sarai and Lot and began his journey with everything he had.

This kind of direction has been enough for people who are seeking God since the beginning of time. We don't know where we're going, but we know He has told us to go. So we go, because we believe that God has a plan for us elsewhere or doing something else with our lives.
Where are you today?  Is God calling you to somewhere else? Something else?
The Scriptures tell us, "He went out, not knowing where He was going."
In other words, Abram, having tested in his mind and heart that God was moving in his life, obeyed without actually knowing his destination. All he had was the promise of God.
How could he?  he had never been there, and God didn't even tell him exactly where.  Most of his life had been spent either in Iraq or Turkey, and now he's being told to go on foot "to a land which I will show you. (about 600 miles, as the crow flies).
So he goes out, "Not knowing where..."
And the question the text asks us is, "How about you?"
Do you have a sense that you're through where you are?? Are you willing to go where God sends you?
Abram was, and did, changed himself and his destiny, and genuinely changed the world forever.
You never know what a step into the will of God can bring, unless you take that step.  God generally couches His promises of this sort in vague terms, because he wants you to believe before you see.
Can you do that? Listen to God with your whole heart? Change the direction of your life forever, just to satisfy Him?
If you're smart, you can and will, because God never calls like that unless He intends to bless you, and because the collateral benefits are indescribable.  Right now, all the promises God has for you are bound up in  a package, and tied with string, so to speak.
To open the package, you have to take the first step.
Take that step now.  You'll never see inside unless you open the package.

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