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Friday, November 28, 2014


I was thinking about Psalm 1 today, and I recalled that it says, "his delight is in the Law of the LORD." The meaning, of course, is that the godly man rejects the counsel of evil men, and responds instead to the "Law of the LORD."  By this the writer means more than the 10 commandments--he means the "Torah," the written message of God for that time.
However, my focus moved instantly to the word "Delight," because, strange as it may seem, I had never really thought about just that word in this context.
So.  Delight.  He delights in the message of God.  He enjoys it, it gives him pleasure, and he finds it beautiful.  But why?
Well, because we live in a world full of confusion, especially as to how to live. The godly man knows that the counsel of evil men is not for him, but what should he use in its place as the direction for his life?  He has the answer--the "Law of the LORD." It directs him, strengthens his character and resolve, and makes him aware of how to live, even in an age full of hatred, evil, confusion.  It makes him like a tree that never goes dry, like a fruit tree in a perpetual summer.
His delight in the Law is based on the effects God's message has on his life.  He starts by knowing it's right, that it has qualities no other words do. He continues by allowing the teachings God gives him flow into his spirit, enlighten his mind, and direct his life.  This is definitely not about "church," or religion.  It's about God speaking to your soul, telling you things that are only yours, from His message.
God's message to you strengthens you, gives life, gives blessing, makes you productive, makes you continually prosper, wherever you are, whatever you do.
It takes time, though.  A tree doesn't grow up overnight become fruitful and productive, no matter what the conditions.
So the lessons I'm taking away from this for myself are these:
1. Keep reading God's message.
2. Find what's specific for me.
3. Focus on details as well as the big picture. Sometimes it's just a word that gives you His teaching for you today.
4. Jesus said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear," so I always need to have my ears attuned to Him.  He speaks often.  This morning it was when I was making coffee.

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