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Friday, September 19, 2014

Partnership...1 Corinthians 3:9

It's an interesting thought.  You and I, when we work for God, are in partnership with Him.  This is the most powerful concept regarding ministry in the Bible.  We work together with Him, and HE works with US, as we work. Imagine. God, the infinite Almighty, works with us.  It is an amazing proposition.  We have the power of God, not at our disposal, but rather He is the director, the power, the influence, in all our work for Him.  He envelops, empowers, instructs.  Whatever we need, He is there.  And apparently, He is ALL there. We are told, "We are God's fellow workers." If we are His fellow workers, then he is there with us, all the time. This is immensely comforting, because we cannot fail, even if we seem to do so.  If infinite power, applied to our ministry, does not produce the effect WE desire, we need to be careful to know that His power has been applied, and the effect is not nearly as dependent on us as we might think.
All this flows from His partnership with us.  We may have little native ability or poor communication skills, or we may be polished in our speaking, counseling, and care of others.  It does matter, of course, and we should be all we can be, but the point is that God works with us, independent of our level of talent and skill, just because we commit ourselves to Him.