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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ordinary, Miraculous, Constant Contact

Even in a supercharged setting full of miraculous events, the normal part of life remains.  Stephen does "great wonders and miracles" in Acts, but he still has to supervise the daily food distribution, which still has to be cooked and served by people who do the food. Paul casts out demons, heals the sick, but still has to make tents to support his ministry, and so forth.
That's what the spiritual life is:  a combination of the ordinary and miraculous, which blends the world of the Spirit with the world of the mundane, but with a major difference:  all the ordinary and miraculous is coupled with the constant communication with the Holy Spirit that is integrated with all of life.
The Spirit of God, or "breath of God" flows through all of the Christian's life.  This is one reason it's so difficult to communicate what the Christian life is.  It's almost like living in a different substance than the unbelieving world--similar to the way fish live in water, and men live in air, and each breathes its respective atmosphere, so the Christian "breathes God's Spirit--His Breath," which is unavailable to those who don't believe.
That's part of the reason for the ridicule Christians experience.  Unbelievers simply do not/cannot know what the Christian's experiencing every moment of his life.  They are "not equipped," just as a fish is not equipped to breathe air.
So when you try to communicate your Christian experience to someone who doesn't believe, He says, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah..." and thinks you're nuts.  Or at least a bit unhinged.
You can, of course (believers), ignore the Spirit, and go with the familiar atmosphere of the unbelieving world--but why?  When you emphasize the presence of the Spirit in your life, listen to Him, talk to Him, live in His atmosphere, life is incredibly rich, and done right, you experience the best of both worlds--the physical and the spiritual, and life is much more, not much less.
Of course, you can have all this(unbelievers), if you want it--constant communication with the God who made you, a life full of blessing and joy, peace in your soul, a certain future in God's forever; you just have to really want it.

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