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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Forever changed

Everything changed on that first Easter Morning when My Dear Son rose from the dead.
The world changed.  Death was not the ruler of life. My Son's life overwhelmed and overcame Death, and set into motion the events that will make death only a memory some day.
The "Powers of earth and sky" were defeated.  Satan, mighty though he still is, is doomed, along with his evil servants.
The "countdown clock" to Armageddon advanced--I plan to destroy all evil from My universe, and fill it with good. This was the defining moment, because My Dear Son's rising from the dead showed that evil cannot destroy Our plans, and that We will re-make the Universe the way it was meant to be.
Your future changed.
You were:
  • Marred and ruined by your own evil
  • Subject all your lives to the fear of death.
  • Incapable of reaching Me (Us)
  • Subject to the inevitable cycle of sin and despair
  • Without a future.
  • Without hope.
  • Living in fear of My Judgment.
Now You are (since the Death and Rising of My Dear Son, Jesus):
  • Transferred from the power of darkness, into the kingdom of My Dear Son, when you choose to believe in Us.
  • Able to look into the future confident of everlasting life.
  • You have Me in your "heart"--your deepest inner being is united with Me, at the moment you decide to join Us, and become My child.
  • You will be without sin someday--no anger, no hate, no evil of any kind, only happiness and good days.
  • You will never come into judgment, and you will never suffer "eternal death"--My Dear Son Has said so:  "Whoever hears My [Jesus'] word, and believes in Him who sent Me [The Father] has everlasting life, and will not be condemned at the Judgment, but has already passed from [a state of] death into everlasting life." 
Easter Weekend is the most terrible and wonderful weekend in the history of the Universe I made.  Before My Son rose from the dead, there was no future for any of you. Now that He has risen, you can enter into the same life that He has--a life indestructible, everlasting, connected with Us forever.  
It is yours when you ask Me. So ask. NOW. No special format is required. Just pray to Me, and ask.