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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When you're in trouble, YELL!

Or at least call out to me, because I'm always listening. Sometimes, of course, I answer in emergency fashion, and do one of my miracles; but I usually "work things out" over time.  You ask, I answer, and I answer right away, but I make things happen so that they look "natural," and I work over days, weeks, months, years.
Suppose you're in a huge mess. It's like you're in a quicksand pit, and you're sinking in your troubles.  The problems of your life are literally overwhelming you, and you try to solve them yourself. You keep sinking. You think, "I'm going to die here; I'm going to drown in this mud!"  As a last resort, you ask Me to help. You don't stop. You yell, you cry, you beg.  It seems as if I'm doing nothing, but that's not the case.  The truth is that I'm lifting you out of the pit, and it takes time and the "stuff" sticks to you--and it's painful being pulled out, and washed off, and straightened around.  It's also a bit humiliating. After all, aren't YOU in control of your life? Don't you "make your own luck?" aren't you "better than other people?"
You are human, with human problems--and I've seen them all. Time and chance happen to everyone, and everyone has troubles and problems.
Here's a simple formula:
1. When you're in trouble, call out to Me.
2. Keep calling. Don't stop. It's not that I don't listen, but it takes time to "fix things."
3. Expect some pain and adjustment as I work. If I tell you to do something, DO IT.
4. When you look back, you'll see My power at work, and you'll be pleased with what I've done.
5. I'll not only "fix things," I'll re-stabilize your life, and make your life worth singing about.
It takes time, but it's worth it. You won't be sorry.
Ask. Keep asking. Don't stop. I'm working for you.
If you want to look in My book about this, My servant David wrote about it in Psalm 40, verses 1-3.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Got Trouble?

Most of My children do, from time to time, so if you have troubles, you are not alone.  Troubles may come from bad people (many of them do), so I want to tell you what to do when you face the kind of trouble that comes from people.
First thing is, don't blame yourself. Bad people do bad things.  That's why you call them bad people.
Second thing.  Don't worry about these folk. They will "get theirs" soon enough.  I have a way of making all their evil come back on them.  It boomerangs, and then they wonder, "what happened??" The answer is, I happened to them.
Third thing. Trust Me, and instead of spending all your time and energy worrying, do good. Help someone else. I'll take care of you. I promise.
Fourth thing.  Enjoy Me, My friendship, My guidance, My care, and I'll give you what you really want--the deepest desires of your heart.
Finally, put your life in My hands, and let Me guide you.  I will take care of you and guide you so that what you really want and need comes to you.
I know the troubles you face. I'm on your side. I love you.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I know you live with stress, children--sometimes it comes from sickness, uncertainty, betrayal, the ordinary pressures of life--and sometimes it seems like there's nothing to do for it, because you can't escape it. When you wake up, it's there; when you go to bed, and stay awake at night worrying and thinking, it's there. When you go to work, it's there, and even when you are enjoying yourself, stress is sometimes right there, reminding you that things are not as they should be, that you have problems facing you in the future, that your life is out of control.
You know that I did not promise you a stress-free/worry-free life, and you may go through terrible times, because people do.
Here is how I can help during those times:
1. I'll be with you.  It doesn't matter what the situation is, I am with you, and you can lean on Me, and I'll help  you through it.
2. You can talk to me. About all of it, including the secrets that you can tell nobody else.
3. You can hand your problems and burdens to me. I don't promise that you'll not have them any longer (My servant David found that out, and even my own Dear Son mentioned that His life was full of trials), but I will carry them with you, and give you strength to bear them.
4. You can know that these trials will end, and you don't need to fear the outcome.  All outcomes end with Me.  I am the beginning, and the end. I am the first, and with the last (I say "with," because you'll be there too). You'll be with Me if you trust in me, and you'll never have another tear, another sorrow, another death to mourn, another hungry or thirsty or homeless day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I made you, and...

When I had finished making everything but you in My universe, there was still something missing, and that was you.  I planned to make you a "living sculpture" of Me, so I took some elements (Moses called it "dust")  from the earth I had made, and I made you. I made you to be like Me, with My heart and a mind like Mine, with a strong and healthy body.

I made Eve (the first girl) the same way, but from different materials--I made her from you, so that she would fit you perfectly.   I made you handsome, and when I made Eve, your girl, I made her beautiful, so that you would feel instantly attracted to her, because I wanted you to know about love, and because I always delight in making you happy.  I planned to make the two of you the happiest of all the many living things I had made.

I wanted to make you like Me, so that when you were with Me forever we could enjoy each other completely.  I made you to reproduce in your image, so that each new person would be like Me, too, and that we would have many like us in the Universe I had made.

You were my best.

On a terrible day that started like any other, you chose another path--one that would lead many of you away from Me, bring sickness, death, tragedy and evil into the world--and change all of you, My children.  To repair what you had done,  I had to make a huge sacrifice--a sacrifice of Myself, to make you like Me again, and to make the Universe I had created fit for the rest of My creatures.

I am in the middle of My plan. Many of you are still sick and evil, and run away from Me, but you don't have to. You are still Mine, and you can still be all that I meant you to be, and when you choose to follow Me, I can "rebuild" you so that you are all, and  have all that you had when I first made you--and more.

IF you want to be complete again, like Me, like I meant you to be...just ask.  I will start from right where you are, and begin with what you are. Just ask.  You don't have to use "magic words." I'll know what you want, if you mean it with all your heart.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love it when you love Me back.

Good Morning, Dear Children!
I love you so much! You already know the things I do for you--I feed you, clothe you, give you fruitful harvests, help you get jobs, give you rain and sunshine, the ocean and the desert, the forests and the mountains; I heal you, forgive you, reconstruct your lives, guide you, and take care of you from birth until you come home to be with Me. I am your Lord, your King, your God, your Father, and I'm the one person who will never leave you. Not ever.

But sometimes you do take Me for granted, so I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it when you love Me back.  You usually call this "worship," or "adoration," but it really is you loving me back. Many of you call "worship" things like "church services," or "music," or "praying," but you loving me back is mostly an attitude of your heart, so that you acknowledge Me in everything, enjoy what I do for you and appreciate it, talk to Me at other times than when you want something, tell Me how much you like me, and spend time with Me.

These are all things you want from someone who loves YOU--why would I be different? If someone says they love you, then you want to be the center of their attention, at least sometimes. You want them to want you around, and not try to get away from you, and you want them to accept you as you are. You want affection, and holding, and caring.  I'm no different. I want you to be close with Me. I want you to care about Me, and what I think, and want Me and need Me.

If this sounds like human love, it IS like it.  I made you like Me ("in My image"), so I am like you. Theologians sometimes say "He doesn't have human feelings because God cannot change." They should read their Bibles.  I love, I rejoice, I am sad, I get angry, and so on.  Most of all, I love.  I appreciate it when you love Me back, and I hope you do it more.

If you want a few suggestions, here are some:
Tell Me you love Me.
Sing TO Me (I don't care if your voice isn't the best).
Enjoy what I do for you, and tell Me so--appreciate the things I do, and the things I give you, and the things I made for you to enjoy (I even tell you--I give you all things richly to enjoy).
Try to be closer to Me (talking, listening, just being in My presence).
Enjoy your life when you can. I'm with you in the tough times, but I'm also there enjoying all your fun with you.  I made you for happy times. Have lots of them, and have fun in your life.
Look forward to being with Me forever.  You sometimes forget that I AM your future.  Try to remember that, and think about how it will be when we are always together. You will REALLY like it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Change What I Said

Some things in My Bible seem to contradict each other, but I want you to believe both of them, or all of them, and not try to change them.
This is hard for you, since it's in your nature to explain things and make everything "fit." These things don't fit, because in the human world, they cannot.

For example, I say, "I love you." I say that in many places, but never more clearly than in the verse that starts: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."
I also say, "I can be angry with you," and no example of that is more true than when I say, "the person who doesn't believe My Son will never see eternal life, but my anger is on him."

I mean for you to understand that BOTH are true, and one is not more true than the other, and you don't need to change what I said to make one fit the other. You also don't need to explain one thing away in order to satisfy the other.  Believe both. I said both. If I say, "God is love," and then I say, "I am a God of judgment," I mean both, and either.

Can you understand this? No, of course not. What's wrong with that? Do you understand a star? How about the sea? Sunlight? In My Bible, and in life, there are some things that cannot be explained. That's okay. I am the Father, and God. It's My responsibility, and I can handle it just fine.

Oh, and by the way, I love you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A sound of a gentle whisper...

Many years ago, My servant Elijah wanted to hear what I had to say to him.  He had to go to a special place, and wait.  I taught him that My voice was not in the storm, the thunder, or the lightning, but that he had to stop and listen for Me--not just stop for a minute, but actually STOP, clear his mind, and listen for My quiet words. Later, My servants Paul and Barnabas and others in My church were praying and fasting, and I spoke to them while they were listening. Listening to me takes time and effort. I made it that way so that you would know how important it is to listen for Me, as well as to me. That's when I talk to you personally--when you listen with all your heart. And it's not enough to listen only when you like what I say. But when you listen to what I say, whatever it is, that's when I can tell you everything I want to say to you.

Me and My Book

I wrote My book (the Christian Bible) just for you, but it is like a nut--there is sometimes a shell on the outside, and the nut is waiting to be opened so you can enjoy the meat inside.
I am glad that My children all over the world read My book, but many of you read it only for information. Remember that last time I told you that I "hid things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to little children?"  The "wise and prudent" were too busy with their own "smartness" to "become like little children," and hear what I was saying to them personally.
This is how to hear what I'm saying to you personally in My book (use the version you best understand--I have no problem with language):
1, Start with yourself, and open your heart to everything I have for you.
2, Ask me to show you.  Remember, My Dear Son Jesus said: "you revealed them..." So I do have to show you, in a personal way.  It's between the two of us. So ask.
3 Take your time with just a little. I make My words very personal, just to you, when you take time with them. It's like listening for My whisper.
4, Expect Me to use My words to enlighten you. I "Re-speak" My words with a different purpose, just for you, just to you.
5. Get used to being with Me. Bring Me into your thoughts, and listen for Me. I'm with you all the time. If one of the passages in My Bible comes into your mind, listen.
Seek Me always. I'm waiting for you.