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Friday, November 23, 2012


Thankfully, you woke up today.  You have life, and breath, at least for a short time; you have enough hope to stop your life and read this.  You have time away from work to do the same.  You have enough money to get on the internet, and use it.
The sun rose this morning, as it always does, and it was preceded by night, which it always is.  Where I live, the weather is wonderful--maybe not so much where you live, but there is a beauty in all weather--whether the stark cold of winter, the heat of summer, the beauty of spring and fall, or just today. You probably had something to drink or eat when you got up, and I hope you looked outside to see what's there.
These are all things that God provides.  Breath, life, sunshine, rain, snow, and the opportunity to make our way in life--and the help to gain those things, and live life.  Thankfulness (to God) for the simplest of things is a sure sign of a grateful heart--and a grateful heart makes for a happy life. The writer of Proverbs (in the Bible) says,  "A merry heart does good like a medicine;" and so does a thankful heart.
The old adage that says, "count your blessings" is true--so stop and look outside of yourself for a moment today (and if you want to be happy, every day)--think of the simplest of things that you get to experience, and be thankful for them.  The sunrise.  The sounds of morning.  The change in temperature.  A friendly smile from a loved one. The sound of children laughing and playing (or even fighting--if they fight, they can't be too sick, right?). Shopping malls filled with eager people (they are seeking something better than they have; that can't be all bad, right?); the cup of coffee or tea in your hand; the memories of family.  You have something for which to be thankful. Find it.  Thank God for it. Your heart will relax, and release its poisons, and the medicine of merriment will take hold.
Who could be ungrateful in the presence of such beauty--it's just a tree, but there are all the colors of fall, right outside the window!

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