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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"We are also His offspring..."

Yes, that's right. You are My "offspring."  Since you are Mine in every sense of the term, several things follow:
1. You are like Me. Whether good or bad, whether tall or short, black brown, white, young, old, in between--you are like Me.  Since I am not "all you are," sometimes that likeness gets suppressed or twisted, and you seem unlike Me. But that's not your true self. Your true path, and the path to regain all that you are is to turn to Me, believe in Me, and thus become fully like Me, so that you can live in the universe I made for you--billions of light years across, with joy, happiness, and pleasures forevermore.
2. You are eternal.  That's right. Your life, once begun, will not end.  "Yes," you say, "But I will die." Yes, you probably will die--but that's not what I meant. The essential part of you, the spirit, will live on as an individual throughout eternity.  The question is, "Where?" and, "In what form?" You choose that yourself by choosing to believe in Me and pray to Me, or by rejecting Me. The first path leads upward, to a permanent relationship with Me; the second path leads to everlasting judgment.  As I had My servant Paul say, "[God] has appointed a day in which He will judge the Jesus Christ." This is a true statement. Judgment may be long in coming, but it will come.
3. You live in a world that is full of illusions.  The main illusion is that the life you see is the "real one."  I said (again, through Paul My servant): "The things we see are temporary, the things we don't see are eternal." The spiritual world is the real world, not the world you see, feel, and touch.  It's real because it is permanent, and lasts forever.  You can learn to see and understand that world (partially) even now, and you should.
4. Since you are Mine, and I rule this universe of Mine, I have the right to do with you as I please, and I want to bless you.  That is My nature--to be the provider of goodness and blessing. The evil that you see--that's not Me. That's My competitor, Satan, who is soon to be defeated, despite his immense power and control over the kingdoms of the world. You will face many difficult times because of Satan, who has tremendous temporary control over the world that you live in, but he is defeated already, his kingdom is shrinking, and he is making one last effort to take you from Me and keep you for himself. Don't be his. Become My servant. Believe in Me, pray to Me, love Me, and serve Me.  You will be pleased with the results, and you will live forever with Me.

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