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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Evil, You, and Me.

Good morning, children.  I want to talk to you today about something you always tell Me about:
"Why?" You usually ask "why" when something goes very wrong. You get cancer. You are attacked. You suffer loss--a job, a friend, a lover.  You always ask why I would allow it, and some of you even ask why I would do it.
Here's what happens (it doesn't answer "why," because I can't fully explain yet)--
The world is dominated by three forces, or "persona."
One is you.  Many of you are good, but many are evil. Evil people do evil things, such as the murder and rape of innocent children.  I will judge these evil people, when the time comes. Until then, the good people, the "protectors" must be vigilant to help and protect the weak and innocent. You may have that responsibility, as My servant. If I have given you that task, I will put those people in your path.

The second "force" is named Satan.  Almost everyone knows about him, and he influences the world in many powerful ways, all of them evil.  If a government destroys thousands of people, there he is. If a man murders his family, he is there. If two people hate each other, he's there (people can do enough on their own without help from him, but he's also there). If religious people exercise prejudice, and destroy the weak and sinful, he is delighted. If you suffer, he's right there.
Satan opposes Me, and all that I plan and do. His doom is certain, but right now he's very powerful.

I am the "Third force," I am the Almighty, your Father, God, and greater than all others in the Universe. None compare with Me. I plan to destroy all the evil and harmful things in My creation, and put things right--but it isn't time yet.  I'm waiting.  If you ask why, My Bible gives some answers (definitely not all of them!), but many of the reasons that I wait have to do with you.  Some of you haven't learned about Me yet. There are others who are not born yet that I've planned for, and they will be My children, too. Then there's timing.  My plan has a "timeline," and I've set that in motion, because it's the best way for Me to do the most good. Things will happen in their due season.  Until My plan is fulfilled, evil will exist. I will deal with it, in My time, and in My way; until then, I will help you when evil comes your way. I will stand by you when you suffer because of the "way the world is." I will strengthen you in the face of your problems, your enemies, and suffering that comes your way.  These things may prevail against you on earth, but all they will do is get you to heaven faster, and then you'll be with Me, and no evil will reach you ever again.  I promise.

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