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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Me and My Book

I wrote My book (the Christian Bible) just for you, but it is like a nut--there is sometimes a shell on the outside, and the nut is waiting to be opened so you can enjoy the meat inside.
I am glad that My children all over the world read My book, but many of you read it only for information. Remember that last time I told you that I "hid things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to little children?"  The "wise and prudent" were too busy with their own "smartness" to "become like little children," and hear what I was saying to them personally.
This is how to hear what I'm saying to you personally in My book (use the version you best understand--I have no problem with language):
1, Start with yourself, and open your heart to everything I have for you.
2, Ask me to show you.  Remember, My Dear Son Jesus said: "you revealed them..." So I do have to show you, in a personal way.  It's between the two of us. So ask.
3 Take your time with just a little. I make My words very personal, just to you, when you take time with them. It's like listening for My whisper.
4, Expect Me to use My words to enlighten you. I "Re-speak" My words with a different purpose, just for you, just to you.
5. Get used to being with Me. Bring Me into your thoughts, and listen for Me. I'm with you all the time. If one of the passages in My Bible comes into your mind, listen.
Seek Me always. I'm waiting for you.

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