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Friday, March 9, 2012

It's never just a sunrise.

It never is.  I tell you things through the sun, the moon, the stars, the plants, My other creatures, the life you live--I talk to you through what I made. I made you to rule over the earth, and I put messages to you in every part of the world.  Sometimes all they say is, "I made this," but more often than not my messages are much more specific, like finding a note in a hole in a tree-trunk--written specially for you. You have to look, though, and you have to see the world as I meant you to see it--as the world I made, including the universe, what little I let you see of it, and as the world I designed to tell you about Me.  I have many children who actually do listen to the world, and see the world, as one of My ways of talking to them.  If you don't, you have much to learn. So what does this morning's sunrise tell you?  In general, it tells you that My world runs in a regular way, that I made it to follow the rules I set up for it. It tells you how much I love beauty--for whether the sunrise reflects the frozen beauty of the snow or the glad dew of a spring morning, it is beautiful.  The sun comes up every day, and like the sun, I am with you every day, to bathe you in my warmth and strength.  The sun is also a fire, and I am that, too--a consuming fire.  The difference is that you never need to hide from Me; indeed, you cannot. If you want to hear Me speak to you in the world, then you must learn that I am in the world, present right here beside you.  One of My servants said, "In Him we live, and move, and have our being," and I'm here, always speaking gently (or sometimes, forcefully). I am the true Ruler of the world. Even the lions know this, for they seek their food from Me every night.
If you want to see and hear me, you must listen, and it takes time. You can hear Me, if you want, and see My hands at work in almost everything. A child's innocent look can tell you how to relate to me. A growing sprig of mint can tell you how to grow up in Me, and how perfectly I've designed you to fulfill your life's dreams. The stars can tell you of My might and greatness, but this is not all. If you listen, I am actually telling you things that are "just yours." But you must look, listen, and be quiet to find My messages. It's a bit like a treasure hunt. My words to you are there, and they are clear, but you must pay attention.
So use your eyes and ears and hands and mouth--all your senses--to find Me. I am speaking, if you are listening.

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