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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love it when you love Me back.

Good Morning, Dear Children!
I love you so much! You already know the things I do for you--I feed you, clothe you, give you fruitful harvests, help you get jobs, give you rain and sunshine, the ocean and the desert, the forests and the mountains; I heal you, forgive you, reconstruct your lives, guide you, and take care of you from birth until you come home to be with Me. I am your Lord, your King, your God, your Father, and I'm the one person who will never leave you. Not ever.

But sometimes you do take Me for granted, so I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it when you love Me back.  You usually call this "worship," or "adoration," but it really is you loving me back. Many of you call "worship" things like "church services," or "music," or "praying," but you loving me back is mostly an attitude of your heart, so that you acknowledge Me in everything, enjoy what I do for you and appreciate it, talk to Me at other times than when you want something, tell Me how much you like me, and spend time with Me.

These are all things you want from someone who loves YOU--why would I be different? If someone says they love you, then you want to be the center of their attention, at least sometimes. You want them to want you around, and not try to get away from you, and you want them to accept you as you are. You want affection, and holding, and caring.  I'm no different. I want you to be close with Me. I want you to care about Me, and what I think, and want Me and need Me.

If this sounds like human love, it IS like it.  I made you like Me ("in My image"), so I am like you. Theologians sometimes say "He doesn't have human feelings because God cannot change." They should read their Bibles.  I love, I rejoice, I am sad, I get angry, and so on.  Most of all, I love.  I appreciate it when you love Me back, and I hope you do it more.

If you want a few suggestions, here are some:
Tell Me you love Me.
Sing TO Me (I don't care if your voice isn't the best).
Enjoy what I do for you, and tell Me so--appreciate the things I do, and the things I give you, and the things I made for you to enjoy (I even tell you--I give you all things richly to enjoy).
Try to be closer to Me (talking, listening, just being in My presence).
Enjoy your life when you can. I'm with you in the tough times, but I'm also there enjoying all your fun with you.  I made you for happy times. Have lots of them, and have fun in your life.
Look forward to being with Me forever.  You sometimes forget that I AM your future.  Try to remember that, and think about how it will be when we are always together. You will REALLY like it.

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