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Friday, March 16, 2012

Got Trouble?

Most of My children do, from time to time, so if you have troubles, you are not alone.  Troubles may come from bad people (many of them do), so I want to tell you what to do when you face the kind of trouble that comes from people.
First thing is, don't blame yourself. Bad people do bad things.  That's why you call them bad people.
Second thing.  Don't worry about these folk. They will "get theirs" soon enough.  I have a way of making all their evil come back on them.  It boomerangs, and then they wonder, "what happened??" The answer is, I happened to them.
Third thing. Trust Me, and instead of spending all your time and energy worrying, do good. Help someone else. I'll take care of you. I promise.
Fourth thing.  Enjoy Me, My friendship, My guidance, My care, and I'll give you what you really want--the deepest desires of your heart.
Finally, put your life in My hands, and let Me guide you.  I will take care of you and guide you so that what you really want and need comes to you.
I know the troubles you face. I'm on your side. I love you.

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