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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Be someone I can talk to

My Son Jesus said that I hide Myself from the "wise and prudent." That seems like a contradiction, doesn't it? It's not.  Some people are their own "gods," and think they don't need My wisdom. So how could I talk to someone like that? They are like a man named Nabal in My Book, of whom it was said, "He is such a Son of Belial (an arrogant devil), that nobody can speak to him." 
My Son Jesus also said that I reveal things to "babies," and He meant, "humble enough to hear." In another place, He said "humble yourself as a little child," meaning, "be a humble person who will listen." It's hard to do that, I know.  Your world is filled with wrong examples--with people who "show off" how smart they are, and people who always want to tell, rather than hear.  But I give My best secrets to the people who will stop, listen for Me to speak, and then listen to what I have to say. You can be that person, if you want to be.  The first step is to say in your heart, "The Father is greater than I am. I want to really listen to Him." And then, when I start talking, don't shut Me up.